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QST-2A1 stator integrated tester

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QST-2A1 stator integrated tester

QST-2A1 stator integrated tester
This machine is applied to test varieties of iron stator like pump motor, air-conditioning motor, washing machine motor, paper shredder motor, servo motor and stepper motor etc. Its LCD shows all technical data which obtained by industrial control computer, which check and verify the quality of testing stator.
Machine specification:
1. AC withstand voltage test
1).Testing voltage range: AC100~2800V
2).Voltage adjusting mode (-M: Manual adjust.-A: Auto adjust)
 a).Manual adjust: manual no-step adjust
 b).Auto adjust: input testing voltage to the software, thus machine do automatic loading to the setting value through the test.
3).Voltage precision: ±3.0%
4).Capacity: 500VA
5).eakage current setting: 5 steps (0.5/1/2/5/10Ma), precision: ±1.0%
6).Voltage load mode: between winding and core. 
7) OK/ Reject verify way: goods of its leakage current value higher than setting value is taken as reject. The software will give acousto-optic alarm accordingly.
2. Insulation resistance test
1).Testing voltage: DC500V
2).Testing range: 10~500MΩ
3).Integrated accuracy: ±5.0%
4).Voltage load mode: between coil and iron core.
5).OK/ Reject verify way: manual setting the low limit of insulation resistance, when the goods of its insulation resistance value lower than setting value is taken as reject. The software will give acousto-optic alarm accordingly.
3. Cold resistance test
1). Testing range:
(a)0.001-9.999 (resolution 0.100 uΩ).
(b)1.000-99.99 (resolution 0.010 mΩ)
(c)100.0~999.9(resolution 0.100 mΩ)
2).Precision: ±0.5% auto temperature compensate, could be calculated to resistance value at 20℃
3).Testing way: between winding and winding
(4) OK/ Reject verify way: Program reads the testing value of winding and verify ok/reject by comparison of upper and low reference value. The software will give acousto-optic alarm accordingly.
4. Inter turns insulation test
1).Testing voltage range: 100V~2800V
2). Voltage Precision: ±3%
3). Voltage adjusting mode (-M: manual adjust voltage,-A: auto adjusting voltage).
a). Manual adjust: manual no-step adjust
b). Auto adjust:: input testing voltage to the software, thus machine do automatic loading to the setting value through the test.
4). Pulse rise time: 1.2μs
5). Verify way:  Δs/s  Δf/f 
6). Voltage load mode: irrespective test each widning
7) OK/Reject verify way: Program reads the standard value of wave between turns, compare the testing wave to standard wave. The software gives acousto-optic alarm if beyond setting value.
5. Stator rotation test
1). Testing voltage range: 220VAC/380VAC (selective)
2). Voltage adjust mode:  220VAV manual adjust.
3). Verify way: CW, CCW or stop
4). Voltage load mode: Main phase and high gear
5) OK/ Reject verify way: Program reads stator rotation direction. The goods in opposite direction to the setting direction is taken as reject. The software will give acousto-optic alarm when over setting value accordingly.
Main feature:
1).All test items of electrical performance are done automatically at one time fast.
2).Each test items could be on or off randomly. Approval standard also could be set up randomly. The machine will give acousto-optic alarm for reject stator.
3).Do auto compensation to ambient temperature. It ensures test accuracy.
4).Single working station/ 2 working stations (selective), high test efficiency and perfect use
5).Withstand voltage and inter turns voltage adjustment could be operated in manual mode or auto mode.
6).Systems switch device is made of imported high pressure vacuum steel spring relay, withstand voltage is 10000V, working test 100 million times
7).Item program could be done according to the test requirement by customers.
8).It could save, edit, transfer each test standard.

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