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QME-2D generator performance tester

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QME-2D generator performance tester

QME-2D generator performance tester
    This tester is applied to fast test generator performance. Its LCD shows all technical data which obtained by industrial control computer, which check and verify the quality of testing generator (test items difference appear in the different types motor)Test standard
1. Main winding test
1) Testing voltage: AC 10-500v, precision 0.2, true RMS
2) Testing current: 0.015-15-40.00A, precision 0.2, true RMS
3) Testing frequency: 45-65.0Hz, precision +/-0.05Hz
4) Testing power: 0.15-200-15.00KW
5) Testing factor: 0.20-1.0, 0.5 precision
6) Testing harmonic content: general harmonic and 2-50 times harmonic
7) Sudden load test: Min instant descend voltage through the load rise, instant voltage deviation, and voltage reset time after load rise.
8) Load shutdown test: Max instant rise voltage through the load shutdown, instant voltage deviation, and voltage reset time after load decrease.
9) AC load: AC220V/AC110/3 phases, single phase, 16KW
2. Auxiliary winding test
1) Testing voltage: AC10-500V, precision 0.2, true RMS
2) Testing current: 0.01-5.00A, precision 0.5, true RMS
3. Armature test
1) Testing voltage: DC0-200v, 0.5 precision
2) Testing current: DC0-5a, 0.5 precision
4. Sampling winding
1) Testing voltage: AC0-30v, 0.5 precision, true RMS
2) Harmonic content and wave shape
5. DC winding
1) Testing voltage: DC0-30V, 0.5 precision
2) Testing current: DC0-15.00A, 0.5 precision
3) DC electronic loading: DC12V/200W
6. Efficiency test
1) Rated torque (N.m) 0-50
2) Allowable rotation speed (r/min) 0-6000
3) Ready-to-delivery standard revolution (r/min) 0-6000
7. Temperature test:   thermocouple mode (8 ways output detector)
Testing temperature: 0――400℃
Resolution: 0.1℃
  8. Measuring part of temperature rise
DC low resistance
Testing range: 1mΩ-100Ω
Main property
1. Output voltage, current and power (no-load, full-load) of 3 phases winding could be tested simultaneously through the 3 phases motor test.
2.It requires inputting the model No. and status of the ready-to-test motor. It could save and print out the instant testing parameter, voltage, current harmonic shape.
4.It could test and calculate the change rate of voltage from cold to hot or in reverse.
5.It could do spin test of 3600rpm for 2 minutes.
6. It could note down over load records of 110% for 1hour
7.This system tests torque, stable static, loading, wave shape, harmonic, unbalance degree, sudden load, load shutdown etc by meters.
8). The generator exert load is auto selected by software, the load use linear resistance.
9). .All test items of electrical performance are done automatically at one time fast.
10). Auto statistics the quantity and qualified rate, reject motor statistics classification.
11). Single station/double station can be chosen, with high utility and testing efficiency
12). System switch part use imported high voltage vacuum steel spring tube relay, withstand voltage 10000V,work test 100000000 times.
13). It can save, edit, call kinds model stator and check data specification automatically.